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Unemployment Compensation


If your employment is terminated, you may be eligible for unemployment insurance benefits.

Unemployment compensation is a shared federal and state program that provides a minimal weekly benefit for a limited period of time. Although it is usually significantly less than what you were earning while you were employed, it is a benefit which your employer has already paid for and to which you may be entitled.

Generally speaking, unemployment benefits are available to former employees who did not knowingly violated a work rule or policy of their employer. Therefore, to determine whether you are eligible for unemployment benefits, it is necessary to have a clear history of the reason your employment was terminated and any prior disciplinary actions that were taken against you. Your former employer’s personnel policies must be reviewed.

Unemployment applications are generally handled electronically through the website of the Tennessee Department of Employment Security. After you submit your application, your former employer will respond and the Department will decide whether you are eligible for benefits. Either you or your former employer can appeal the decision to the Appeals Tribunal within 15 days of the date of the decision.

The Appeals Tribunal will conduct a hearing on the appeal. Both sides have the opportunity to submit written evidence and present witnesses at the hearing. The hearing can be conducted in person or on the telephone.

A lawyer such as Irwin Venick can help you to decide whether you have a good claim for unemployment and how to best present your claim. Lawyers can charge a fee for representing a claimant for unemployment benefits but the fee cannot be charged in advance and must be approved by the Appeals Tribunal.

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