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Estate Planning


Part of being responsible with your legal affairs involves a consistent hand in estate planning. From appointing a power of attorney, to wills and trusts, look for someone who is experienced in helping you manage your personal estate and healthcare planning. A self-made, holographic will is valid in Tennessee when written entirely in the hand of the author and signed by him/her, but may fail to consider some important aspects of the law.

  • Understanding Powers of Attorney

    Powers of attorney (POA) are an extremely important planning tool that can benefit almost everyone — from 18-year-olds going off to college to the elderly who find themselves in fragile health conditions. However, many people do not have a clear understanding of how they work. That’s why in today’s blog post, we’re discussing POA basics….
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  • Living Wills Explained

    At some point during the estate planning process, you’ll likely have to address your final wishes, including what type of lifesaving medical care you want to receive and when you want to be taken off life prolonging care. A Living Will answers many of these questions and allows individuals to legally document their end-of-life healthcare…
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  • Tennessee Probate Explained

    When a loved one passes away, their estate may need to go through probate. The probate process simply ensures that the decedent’s assets and estate go to the people who are legally entitled to it. An estate must go through probate regardless of whether or not the deceased left a Will. This process may not…
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  • What happens to your partner when you die?

    LIVING TOGETHER AS A COUPLE AND WHAT THAT MEANS WHEN YOU DIE More United States adults are cohabiting with a partner than in years past. The Pew Research Center reports that as marriage rates have fallen, the number of adults in cohabiting relationships has continued to climb, reaching about 18 million in 2016. You may…
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  • Conservatorships for Elderly or Mentally Challenged Individuals

    In this era of scattered families, the people who are mentally marginalized due to age, substance abuse or mental disabilities are often left in a vulnerable position to be taken advantage of by third parties of unscrupulous family members. It is common for a young family member to be living with a grandparent to be…
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