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This document bequeaths your property to those whom you want to benefit. This is where you set up a testamentary trust to pay out a beneficiary over time, such as minors or spendthrifts, and name a guardian for any minor children. You can read more about Estate Planning for singles here.

  • The Dangers of Using Online Form Wills

    At VKBAR, PLLC we often hear clients ask, “Why can’t I just use an online form Will to make this easier?” The truth is, if you use an online form Will, it might hold up legally and be perfectly fine. But there’s also a strong chance that it might not. The danger of this happening…
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  • 4 Things a Will Does Not Accomplish

    Estate planning can be a tricky process to navigate—there are lots of options to consider, and without legal advice, it can be difficult to know which solutions are right for your needs. Many people believe that a Will is the best choice for their family. However, there are several things a Will cannot do that…
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