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Irwin Kuhn is experienced family lawyers practicing in Nashville and Williamson County. His focus on helping clients articulate and advance their interests during times of family transition such as divorce. Although he is a seasoned litigator, he tries, whenever possible, to help his clients without resorting to time-consuming, expensive, and emotionally draining court battles. Irwin is experienced at resolving disputes through mediation, collaboration, and other forms of negotiated settlement. He handles divorce and post-divorce matters involving child supportalimony, and modification of support. He also assists with prenuptial agreements, and offers same sex couples assistance with life partnership agreements. Irwin works on cases involving relocating parents. Irwin is an experienced family law mediator. Irwin was among the first, and is one of the most extensively trained collaborative family lawyers in middle Tennessee.


Irwin Kuhn is specially trained and certified as a mediator under Rule 31 of the Tennessee Supreme Court for general civil cases and for family law disputes. Mediation is a very effective process in which people or companies with disputes attempt to resolve their differences without going to court. Mediation often helps keep down the cost of litigation by resolving differences early, without the expense of preparing and trying cases in court. Perhaps most important, mediation reduces the uncertainty of trial and allows parties to reach their own decisions. When he works as a mediator, Irwin Kuhn does not act as an attorney for a party in the case. While his experience as an attorney helps parties evaluate their cases, he is a neutral who does not give legal advice. His role is to assist the parties in their effort to arrive a mutually acceptable resolution of their dispute.

  • Big Dollar Divorce In Big D

    A very wealthy Dallas couple decided on the collaborative approach to divorce after they spent $7.4 million in litigation. The litigation attorney called it a marathon case. The collaborative attorney suggested it should have been a 5K. Here is the story from D Magazine September 2012.
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  • Collaborative Divorce: A Case Study

    Irwin Kuhn and Marlene Moses wrote this article outlining the steps of a hypothetical collaborative divorce. It was originally published in the Nashville Bar Journal. Download Article
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  • Family Business and Divorce

    Kevin Fuller, a top Texas divorce lawyer, discusses why collaborative divorce makes sense for people trying to preserve family businesses. Among the reasons: Negotiations are conducted in a private arena. Legal fees are used more efficiently. Settlement discussions can be scheduled to fit business needs rather than the court’s calendar. The collaborative process is less…
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  • Frist Collaborative Divorce: Irwin Kuhn’s Tennessean Comment

    Irwin Kuhn recently authored an article in the Nashville Tennessean concerning the divorce of former Senator Bill Frist and his wife Karyn. The Frist chose the collaborative divorce approach. Irwin Kuhn is a collaborative divorce lawyer in Nashville and commented on that choice. Frists Work to Make Divorce Less Painful  Sep 18, 2012 Nashville Tennessean Irwin J. Kuhn Former…
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  • Nashville Bar Journal Article on Collaborative Divorce

    (Originally published by The Nashville Bar Journal, December 2011-January 2012) The stage for a workable post marriage relationship between two people whose lives will always connected through children or family or friends is not set well by a divorce complaint dramatically setting out the gory details of one party’s “inappropriate marital conduct” followed by interrogatories…
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  • Mediation Helps Children Maintain Better Relationships With Both Parents

    A comparision of outcomes of mediations and going to court was the subject of a 12 year study by Dr. Robert Emery, director of the University of Virginia’s Center for Children, Families, and the Law. Here is a link to a summary of his findings: http://emeryondivorce.com/divorce_mediation_study.php. Dr. Emery found that in the group that mediated, the non-primary…
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  • Collaborative Family Law: Minimizing the Negative Affect of Divorce on Children

     Irwin Kuhn and Dot Dobbins practice collaborative divorce and family law in Nashville to help minimize the negative affect of divorce on children. This article in the Wall Street Journal, The Child-Focused Divorce, notes that the intensity of a divorce can not only affect grades and behavior when children are young but also their relationships when…
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  • When One Parent Wants to Move

    What happens in Tennessee when one parent wants to relocate? When one of two parents involved in raising a child wants to move, there are various steps required by Tennessee law.First of all, there are specific requirements setting out when and how the parent who wants to move must give notice to the other parent.If…
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