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What do I need to bring to a meeting?

When you set up an appointment with one of our attorneys he or she may ask you to bring certain documents with you.  In order for us to be of greatest service to you in an efficient manner, try to bring all the documents requested by the attorney who will be meeting with you.  If you have a question about what documents you should bring with you, you should ask the attorney you will be meeting with before your appointment.

Are credit cards accepted?

Yes. Venick, Austin & Rosen, PLLC accepts Visa and Mastercard. Please speak to one of our Nashville attorneys for details.

How much will it cost to hire a lawyer at Venick, Austin & Rosen?

We make every effort to assure our clients receive value for our representation. We charge based on the nature and complexity of your case. Our Nashville attorneys make every effort to see that our fees are reasonable for experienced lawyers in Nashville. The final cost is often affected by variables that are difficult to control, particularly in disputed matters. In appropriate cases, we will agree to represent you for a flat fee, or on a contingent fee basis where we get paid only if you recover money. We will always be happy to discuss fees and costs before and after you retain our services. Call the Nashville law offices of Venick, Austin & Rosen, PLLC to discuss your situation: 615-321-5659.

Where is your Nashville law office?

The Nashville law offices of Venick, Austin & Rosen, PLLC does not have a physical office. Our Attorneys can discuss your case through Zoom, by phone or email or you can arrange a meeting in person as necessary in a convenient location.