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  • Irwin Venick

    Irwin Venick practices law in Nashville, focusing on the areas of mediation, arbitration, employment, health care and non-profit corporations. Irwin is a Rule 31 Mediator and has been approved as an arbitrator by the American Arbitration Association (Employment Panel) and the Financial Industry Regulatory Authority (FINRA). After litigating employment and other cases for thirty years,...
  • katherine austin

    Katherine Austin

    Contact kaustin@vkbarlaw.com Areas of PracticeGeneral Civil Litigation
  • pete rosen

    Pete Rosen

    Pete Rosen graduated from Brandeis University in 1990 and Vanderbilt Law School in 1993. He has been practicing in Nashville since 1993, with the first 25 years spent at Levine, Orr & Geracioti until that firm closed in 2017.   Since then, he has been with Venick,  Austin & Rosen, PLLC. He has primarily practiced in...